Carolyn Thayer: PAINTING 101 - A 6-Part Series


“Painting 101 with Carolyn Thayer”


Have you ever wanted to take Painting lessons? Have you wished you could capture a scene from a vacation or present a loved one with a work of art?  This series of classes are just for you.  Veteran painter Carolyn Thayer will take you step by step from how to determine what makes a painting work to the finished product.  You will learn basic composition, values, shading, color mixing and more.  And you will finish 2 small (8x10) works with each session.


There are six 3 hour classes in this workshop series.

$35 each.



·        the basics of good design and apply it to your own subject

·        how to set up a composition that works and becomes the structure of your painting

·        what to draw and how to render your subject

·        how to set up your palette and learn the basics of color mixing

·        block in your work

·        Paint!

·        finish with details