• Julie Durrett: Exploring Collage

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    Exploring Collage

    Collage is an ideal medium for self expression because it quiets the fear of not being an “Artist”; everyone can choose images, cut them out and glue them down.

    But this is not your mother’s decoupage class! You can take this art form as far as you want to go.   After all, it is a creative means of self expression used not only by preschoolers but also famous artists such as Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse.

    In this fast paced class, we will use a variety of approaches, techniques and materials to explore the multifaceted nature of collage and create a series of small pieces of unique and personal art.  

    All materials will be provided for you but feel free to bring your own images and ephemera (which is daily “trash” such as receipts, to do lists, concert tickets, gift wrap, junk mail, candy wrappers, napkins with fun designs, used stamps,  newspaper comics, etc ).