Mary Beth Beaulieu: LIVING B.I.G.

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Living B.I.G.


In Brene Brown’s book “Rising Strong”, she talks about Living B.I.G. : with Boundaries, Integrity and Generosity. Learn to identify and set your Boundaries;  live true to your Integrity; and be Generous in your assumptions and intentions.


Join Mary Beth Beaulieu (Certified Daring Way Facilitator and Associate Accredited Coach) for an engaging, hands-on workshop where participants will explore the topic of Living BIG.  Like Dr. Brown, Mary Beth presents learning in a meaningful and accessible way that can be life changing!


Leave with a Plan to address a topic you are rumbling with:

❤️The holidays are coming; perfectionist danger zone. 

❤️Overwhelmed and under-appreciated at work? 

❤️Are you simmering about a difficult conversation you need to have, but have been avoiding? 

❤️Feeling like Gumby as life pulls you in a million different directions?


Based on past experience, we can guarantee you will meet some amazing people in this workshop. Mark your calendar, bring a friend (this is definitely an experience to share with someone you care about) and join us!