In this class, we’ll be creating works of art through pour painting. In this beyond the pour class, we will start with a basic pour technique but will continue playing with the painting by adding flowers, shapes, glitter, you name it. Express your artistic license! This class is perfect for all skill levels! No two paintings are ever the same and the fun is seeing what will be created. This is a class that teaches you that you can let go of your control and still create something beautiful!

The class fee includes one (1) 16x20 inch, two (2) 11x14 inch, or three (3) 8x10 inch canvases. AND if you’ve taken one of my classes before, you can bring back in a painting you’ve done and add to it if you so desire!

Note that pour paintings take a couple of days to dry so you may need to return to the studio to pick it up.

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