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    Simply Complicated Doodling 1

    Alert!...This is NOT a drawing class! So please keep reading…

    This is a fun, relaxing, inexpensive, very portable art form accessible to everyone of all ages.  No artistic skills of any kind needed!   

    You will use simple, structured marks to create repeating patterns that build on each other to produce complex results that will amaze you.  The marks are basic and similar to those used in handwriting – dots, circles, lines, squiggles, etc.  And, like your handwriting, the finished piece will be unique to you.

    By concentrating on drawing small blocks of patterns at a time, intuitively selecting patterns as you go, you’ll find yourself going with the flow, relaxing, focusing, and entering an almost meditative state of mind.

    You will doodle with several different pens on a variety of papers and take home beautiful completed works of art, templates for new art work, lots of pattern ideas and a handmade journal containing 5 types of paper.