Acrylic on canvas; all supplies included!  Sonja is renowned for her fine art featuring American Western themes.  We encourage you to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to spend time with and learn from such an incredibly talented woman!  Our studio is privileged to host Sonja all the way from Wyoming where she resides.

A word from the artist via :

Although I'm an introvert by nature, sharing my art with others benefits me in big ways.  Whether I'm painting en plein air along country roadsides or city sidewalks, there are often opportunities to discuss art with passersby.  Telling people why I paint and sharing my technique gives words to ideas I might never verbalize alone in a studio.  Teaching classes helped me get over a lot of disabling shyness & I learn far more from my students than they learn from me.  In these situations, art is more about process than finished product- ending up with both is a blessing we can all realize!

- "Sharing the Love"